Methods of Sale

Different Ways To Sell A Property

Peninsula Estate Agents will tailor a sales strategy to suit the specific requirements of our clients. A careful analysis of your property and market research will be conducted to the market and your particular requirements. Our agents will suggest the best method of sale to maximise opportunities and achieve the best possible outcome.


Auctions are an efficient and effective way to create competition and to achieve a great outcome for the vendor. Buyers come together to directly bid and compete for the property in a bidding process. Contracts are exchanged on the spot for an unconditional sale.

Expressions Of Interest

Expressions of Interest are more discreet campaigns with the potential to deliver very positive returns. Interested buyers are encouraged to place a bid by a specified date, after which time further negotiation is possible to ensure the ideal outcome is reached.

Private Sale

Private Sales offer an open timeframe for your preferred price to be achieved. Our agent conducts analysis and research to identify the best possible price, and promotes the property to engage and maintain buyer interest. This strategy allows for a small margin of negotiation.


Peninsula Estate Agents will recommend a method of sale based on the location, market conditions and the timeframe of persona l preference.

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